Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Ghost of You

I’ve seen you now

Two times I feel

The hair I loved to put my fingers through

And the furry blue coat with pockets to hold my hands

The other morning you took my breath away when you walked towards me

Tonight you were a ghost to remind me that you were gone

On a passing train you rode by like a blur

Like our years might become if I don’t take the time

Each time the hair, both times the jacket.

I wonder about the gifts you may have left me.

How you loved cats and now so do I.

And that I think of you each minute on my bike

And how I now really look into the eyes of those suffering on the street

and finally understand their pain.

My gut told me it was you tonight and that this should be a poem

And the hug I got tonight may have been from Aaron, but really it was you.

So I’ll wait until the next train, or while I ride my bike, and simply cherish the time

Because the day will come when you might really be gone

And I’ll have to start my search.